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Vidya Niketan Girls' High School


I am immensely proud to be the Chairman of  a reputed institution Vidya Niketan Girls’ High School. Our vision is to create an exceptional institution for girls that is respected and admired by others.

We seek to achieve this through our four objectives:

1. Striving for Excellence. We strive for excellence in everything we do, supporting and challenging our girls to achieve their personal best. We are a school which encourages girls to aim high.

2. Pursuing innovation, valuing tradition. We want to build on our school’s rich heritage but also to be innovative and creative in our thinking, preparing our girls for the workforce of the future

3. Developing all the dimensions of our girls. It is important to us that every girl feels valued; giving her as many opportunities as possible to flourish and shine with our rich co-curriculum provision.

4. Building a connected community. We want to create a community that has a sense of belonging and involvement, a community that fosters mutual respect and courtesy and encourages committed and active alumnae and parents. We want our girls to be outward looking and have the confidence to become leaders of tomorrow.

Vidya Niketan Girls’ High School will be a remarkable place in which to learn. We recognise that every girl is different - excelling at some things, less able or less keen on others - but we make sure that, regardless, she is the best she can be; encouraging her to take the risk to try new things and discover she can achieve things she thought beyond her. And when she does this, she will grow in confidence and maturity in a way that will stay with her forever.

We believe that girls under the right conditions can achieve extraordinary things. Educating girls is a great responsibility and privilege. We believe we offer the very best educational experience for girls. If you are a parent of a daughter already at the school, thank you for entrusting us with that job. If you are considering sending your daughter to Vidya Niketan Girls’ High School  please come and see the school, meet our girls and staff and talk to me about my vision for the school in the coming years.


Dr.(Prof) Ramayan Prasad