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Vidya Niketan Girls' High School


Principal's Desk

I feel privileged to be the Principal of Vidya Niketan G.H. School since 2000. The school has been affiliated from CBSE in 1999. Through consistent effort and painstaking endeavour, academic excellence has become the cornerstone of our institution.We live now in a ‘Knowledge Society’. Here the power of the brain rules supreme.
Vidya Niketan G.H. school is committed to the making of a ‘Knowledge worker’ through a child centric constructive curriculum. A teacher here performs the role of a facilitator, counsellor, action researcher, evaluator and curriculum enricher.
Learning here is an exciting process of discovery, not a tire some chore for children. The school has provided congenial environment for all round development of the students which fosters a spirit of inquisitiveness and keen competition in every child. Positive ideas are inculcated in the students as regards their personal hygiene, tidiness of uniform, cleanliness of surroundings, obedience and discipline and control over one’s actions and speech. The students of our school performed very creditably at the Board examination.
Vidya Niketan is truly a place where children are intrinsically motivated to learn more…….


Gopal Krishna